What Are We?

As an all-inclusive community, the Universal Circle of Women welcomes women of all ages, races and nationalities. We believe our efforts to raise consciousness, acting outside of the realm of dogma of any religion, focusing on our similarities rather than our differences, will generate a new level of peace and harmony in the world.

The Universal Circle of Women includes women from all over the world, from all walks of life. We are professionals, stay at home moms, entrepreneurs, employees, employers… but what we do to ‘earn a living’ is less relevant than how we live. We all share the common desire to live authentically, with peace, ease, harmony, grace and joy.

The Universal Circle of Women is a community that offers guidance and support for women to:

Raise their level of self-esteem and confidence
Honor and respect themselves
Increase their ability to communicate clearly and effectively
Celebrate the joy of sisterhood
Discover inner peace
Make informed decisions about their health and welfare
Generate harmony in their homes
Graciously receive as easily as they generously give
Feel greater compassion
Connect with women all around the globe
Live life from their heart rather than their head
Be nurtured as well as they nurture
Live true to their heart’s deepest desires
Elevate their Self-awareness to consciously create the life they wish to live
Expand their capacity to love