Our Intent

It is our intent that sisters of the Universal Circle of Women come to the group with a loving, compassionate heart and attitude toward life. These attributes are best expressed in our Code of Honor and in the famous poem Desiderata, as offered below.

The Code of Honor of the Sisters of the Universal Circle of Women
This Code of Honor describes the level of integrity and honor that each of the Sisters of the Universal Circle of Women intends to rise to and maintain.

As a sister of the Universal Circle of Women, I have a desire to live in a peaceful and harmonious world.
Therefore I take small steps to encourage my inner peace, allowing myself to live an authentic life. I engage in the learning opportunities that the Universal Circle of Women offers as frequently as I can, knowing that through this learning I will learn more about myself and what I want from life. This will create inner peace. By being peaceful, I bring more peace to the world.

As a sister of the Universal Circle of Women, I recognize that I create my life through my choices.
Therefore I take full responsibility for my life. I commit to living with awareness, making conscious choices about the words I speak and the actions I take.

I am aware that, like a drop of water on a pond, I touch not only the place I land, but create ripples that will affect those far beyond my imagining.
Therefore I choose gentle words and compassionate actions.

I am aware that not all humans are living consciously, choosing gentle words and actions. I understand they will sometimes speak unkind words from a place of hurting.
Therefore I avoid taking another’s words personally and care less about the opinion of others over my own opinion.

butterflyAs a sister of the Universal Circle of Women, I understand how important a high level of self-esteem is to living a healthy and productive life.
Therefore I learn to quiet the voices of limitation implanted in my head by others. I learn to ignore the naysayers, knowing that what they believe does not matter so much as what I believe. If I believe I can do it, I can. I commit to learning more about who I am and what I am capable of. I uncover my talents and develop my skills. I discover my heart’s deepest desires, honoring my dreams and passions. I trust my inner voice of wisdom, my intuition.

I know that living a healthy and productive life includes feeling that I’ve made a contribution to the world, not from a place of duty nor obligation, but from a genuine desire to offer my gifts to the world.
Therefore I do what I love, trusting that fulfilling my heart’s deepest desire will make a contribution to the world, even if I cannot see how.

I know that fear will attempt to hold me back. hummingbird
Therefore I learn to recognize indecision, procrastination, hesitancy, and unwillingness to commit as an underlying fear of being judged (as a failure or success) and rejected. I learn to feel the fear and do it any way.

As a sister of the Universal Circle of Women, I am aware that all human beings have a deep need to be heard.
Therefore I am a good listener, listening for the message behind others’ words. I listen with an open mind and an open heart.

butterflyI am aware that the willow that bends in the wind is less likely to break.
Therefore I am flexible and open-minded, aware that there is always more than one way to approach any situation.

I am aware that laughter is the best butterflymedicine.
Therefore I am willing to see the humour in situations, and take life less seriously. I know it’s all right to have fun and to laugh at myself.

I know that gratitude is a key ingredient in the recipe for happiness.
Therefore I express gratitude daily for all the blessings in my life.

hummingbirdAs a sister of the Universal Circle of Women, I know that giving and receiving are equal halves of an equation that benefit both the giver and the receiver. (Without someone to receive, there is no giving; the receiver offers the giver the gift of feeling good through giving.)
Therefore I graciously receive the gifts of help and support from my sisters as frequently as I offer them.

As a sister of the Universal Circle of Women, I know that my word must become law. In order to develop trust – with myself and with others – I must be true to my word.
Therefore I commit to being cautious with my words – only making promises that I know I will keep. I am cautious with how much I commit to, and I follow through with my commitments. (Whenever it is impossible to follow through, I de-commit to all those involved as soon as possible.)

As a sister of the Universal Circle of Women,butterfly I know that focusing on our differences, rather than our similarities, creates tension and division.
Therefore I commit to learning to unconditionally love all of humankind, regardless of creed, nationality, religion, gender, or race.

As a sister of the Universal Circle of Women, I inherently know that love is the only answer.

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