Why become a member of Universal Circle of Women?

Two big reasons:

Strength in Numbers – the larger our membership, the bigger the impact we will make in the world (see The Big Picture below)
You get lots of great Benefits (see Benefits below)

The Big Picture

We hold a vision of a peaceful and harmonious world – a world filled with kindness, compassion, co-operation and love; a world in which we respect, and learn from, one another’s differences, while focusing on our similarities. A world where everyone feels valued, valuable and worthy, where everyone makes a contribution to the creation of a better world.

We can make this vision a reality, but we cannot do it alone.

To bring change, we must work together – in community. We can offer each other our guidance, wisdom, and support to raise our awareness about how we are impacting the world. Then we can choose to use our feminine power to influence those around us to become more aware.

Let us learn to nurture ourselves and one another, learning to live authentic lives, following our heart’s deepest desires, bringing our unique gifts and talents to the world. Then we can encourage our children to bring the best of themselves to the world.

Together, we can discover more about ourselves and each other, creating a strong sense of community, and determine how our communities can make a difference in the world in ways which are powerful and life affirming.

Universal Circle of Women offers not only the tools, but a safe and sacred space to discover our authenticity and how we fit into the big picture; to create a global community of women that will affect the change we wish to see.

There is strength in numbers. Adding your voice to our community validates our vision and brings us one step closer to creating this new world vision. Add yourself to the number of women who are making a difference.

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We are now offering two types of membership: a Basic Annual Membership and a Premium Annual Membership.

We offer YOU the Basic Membership absolutely FREE for your first year with us . All you need to do is click here to complete the membership form so that you can be added to our community. You will receive all the great benefits listed below.

If you would like to to show stronger support for women around the world and receive even more benefits, you may purchase the Premium Membership for just $34.95 plus g.s.t. In addition to all the benefits of the Basic Membership, you will also receive:

• A sense of Contribution through supporting the Power Hour Circle Bursary program. ($10.00 of your membership will help support a financially disadvantaged woman to participate in the Power Hour Circle program).
• A personalized membership card that entitles you to a 20% discount off the regular registration fee on all Universal Circle of Women live events, excluding Power Hour Circles.
• A full-color copy of our beautiful Code of Honor.
• Valuable discounts on a variety of products from a broad range of providers, such as
an amazing 50% off The Passion Test workshop or one-on-one coaching session offered by Best U Can B Inc. and 30% off all the informative and inspirational books written by Patricia Morgan, Resiliency Expert

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Basic Membership Benefits include:
A sense of belonging.
Opportunities to be heard. (Our talking stick ceremonies offer you the chance to speak without being interrupted or judged.)
Connection with other women who are interested in making a difference in the world.
The right to access Power Hour Circle Series (note: there is a small rental fee to participate in the Circles)
A beautiful poster of our Code of Honor upon enrollment in a Power Hour Circle, to be mailed to you with your first Power Hour Circle DVD package.
The opportunity to be a Power Hour Circle Convener and have FREE access to Power Hour Circles.
The opportunity to earn money convening circles.
Access to Power Hour Circle Reports, where women share insights, learnings and good news that they’ve encountered while participating in Power Hour Circles. These reports offer the potential to share wisdom and insights with women all over the world.
Special resources on the website, such as free eBooks and audio recordings which share the wisdom of leaders from all over the world, which only members can access.
Listing in, and access to, the on-line Membership Directory.
Reduced rates to attend live events.
Discounts on services and products from affiliates.
Circle Completion Rewards, like the Graduation Certificate you receive upon completion of the initial Power Hour Circle series.
The warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you are connected with, and helping to support, women all over the world.

The biggest benefit of all is belonging to a global women’s organization that offers women empowerment and tools to be the change they wish to see in the world.